Tribute to a Great Artist

So, to anyone who’s following me here, I owe you an explanation. The last time I posted, I was excited about starting a December Daily album, and planned to post regularly about my progress. Then….life happened: my mother ended up in the hospital with pneumonia, and all crafting efforts ceased. She finally made it back home right after the new year, but her health continued to decline and we began spending more time with her. She finally slipped away to join my Dad, her parents, and her siblings one week ago.

Our friend Carol sent this lovely quilled condolence card

My mother was the most amazing artist I’ve ever known. She could do any craft involving fabric, thread, or yarn, although sewing/quilting and knitting were the most enduring. I have many lovely things she created for me through the years, including my wedding gown, cross-stitched wall art, crocheted afghans, and one very precious tatted bookmark (because after she tried tatting for a few weeks, she declared “never again!”) She also dabbled in oil painting, and did enough works for each of her children to have at least one precious piece of art from this short-lived hobby.

In my childhood and teen years, I felt like the “crafting black sheep” of the family because I didn’t enjoy needle crafts. Once I discovered paper crafting, my confidence grew as I created more and more albums and my work was admired by family and friends. But I will always be in awe of my mother’s work. I’m so proud to be her daughter.

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