December [Daily] is Finally Finished!

After multiple stops and starts and enduring the heartbreaking losses of 2 family members and 1 friend included in this album, my December Daily is complete. I will add just a few more elements (recipe for the Nutella Truffles which you can find here, and a note on the final page), but I couldn’t wait to share the project on the blog. I would love to receive your feedback, especially since this is my first foray into this type of book. All photos came from my Instagram account, and most of the handmade elements were created at holiday crop classes through the years and saved for this album. Please enjoy!

3 thoughts on “December [Daily] is Finally Finished!”

  1. great mini! I love the folding on the front. I have never tried that technique, it looks so complicated. Happy New Year!

    1. It was a class. I made this one and a 6-pointed star that’s in a frame on my wall. And I doubt I will ever try it again. It was very complicated!

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