Layout & Design

I wish I had known about scrapbooking classes when I first started scrapping; it would have saved me some money on tools and other things I would never have bought!  Some of the loveliest pages I’ve ever seen were created with little more than paper and creativity – it’s the assembly on the page that makes all the difference.

I did this two-page layout after attending a class on “Color, Layout, and Design.”  Notice how the combination of colors used picks up the colors in the photos themselves; and how the photos are arranged to maximize the eye’s tendency to track from top left to bottom right.  I have used these concepts in most of my pages since attending this class, with similarly effective results.

(I also tried another new favorite trick:  using the computer to compose my journaling, then handwriting it on the page as usual.  This allowed me to get the text exactly as I wanted it, but still have my own handwriting on the page, which is very important to me.)

Below is a one-page example of these techniques: